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Hooked on Tonic

A refreshing herb can turn this classic cocktail into your next go-to drink.
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Health & Beauty Features

This spud's for you

They're the culinary equivalent of great jeans, a "humble" pleasure that offers instant comfort, goes with almost everything and on occasion can be dressed up to dazzlingly chic effect.


Channel your inner strongman with kettlebells- old-school weights that yield big-time results

Take the hint

Give yourself a good once-over-notice any quirks? Doctors say small imperfections could signal an underlying issue. But which oddities call for professional attention? Experts offer guidance on becoming your own diagnostic sleuth.

Yoga for youngsters

"Child's pose" takes on a whole new meaning at the Happy Elephant Yoga School (201-788-5031, www.happyelephantyoga.com), a Franklin Lakes-based studio that offers private and group yoga to kids and families alike.

Updates on staying well

Stand up for your Health. Another Reason to break a sweat. Is depression bad for your bones?