The Winners of our "Picture of Health" Contest!

Here we present the two Bergenites who wowed us with their healthy, balanced lifestyles.

We asked you to tell us about Bergen County women and men who exemplified healthly living, and the nominations rolled in! Here we present the two Bergenites who wowed us with their healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Gladys Ditroia

“There is no simple, cookie-cutter solution to weight problems,” says Gladys Ditroia, a certified weight management specialist in Wyckoff. Dhe believes that proper eating, exercise and education are the keys to successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy nutrition is more than a job for Ditroia—it’s personal. sixteen years ago, her 4-year-old daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with diabetes, and it was up to Ditroia to m

anage the child’s new nutritional program. She has also faced the challenge of building up her own weight after digestive problems, emergency bowel surgery and a consequent infection. These struggles inspired her to assist others with nutritional health. “I know from personal experience how much we need someone to help us closely when it comes to nutrition,” Ditroia says. “Knowing you don’t hav

e to go through it alone makes it so much easier.”

Working out of her home, Ditroia designs customized weight-loss programs for her clients, who range from recent college graduates to local police officers, and encourages them all to stick to their individual programs.

“Gladys motivates me and prepares me for every obstacle life throws at me,” says Craig Simko, a happy client from Wyckoff. “She teaches me what to eat at parties and encourages me to check menus at restaurants before I go.”

Ditroia also preaches exercise—and practices it too. “I make my clients agree to weight-train at least twice a week as part of their program,” she says, explaining that such activity boosts metabolism. And she personally enjoys kickboxing, spinning and seeing a personal trainer. “Fitness is a huge part of my life,” says Ditroia, “and my daughters often join me in my training sessions and spin classes.” Ditroia lives with her husband, Ed, and her daughters Samantha, 20, and Brooke, 14.

Ditroia also uses cognitive therapy to help clients change their behavior by changing their thinking. She encourages them to write their long-term goals on cards and refer to them twice a day so they can keep their weight-loss goal in perspective.

“The first time I met Gladys, I felt her passion for living a healthy and happy life,” says Samantha Leone from Franklin Lakes, another client. “She is a terrific nutritionist, mentor, coach and f


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1  Don’t drink your calories.

2  Live by the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the time, eat what you know you should be eating, and 20 percent of the time, allow yourself to stray a little.

3  Don’t turn a bad meal into a bad week. If you made a poor food choice, don’t throw in the towel. Jump right back into things.

4  Identify and avoid your “trigger” foods.

5  Be prepared: Check restaurant menus online and always keep emergency snacks handy.


Larry Grogin