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Pod squad

Foodies extol health benefits and versatility of this lesser-known vegetable.

Raising the salad bar

If “open bag, add dressing” sounds like your usual salad prep, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. With summer in full swing and fresh produce at its peak, now is the perfect time to set your standards a bit higher.

Just desserts

Want to eat healthy, but reluctant to skip dessert? Fear not—these tasty recipes that a trio of local chefs shared with Bergen Health & Life will satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your diet.

Tiles that beguile

Taken together, these tiny treasures add up to big-time style for walls and floors

The power of polenta

This versatile cornmeal treat brings a touch of Italy to many a delicious dish is polenta one of those foods you've heard about but don't really know? Have no fear; it's not mysterious.

Steak around

How about some sizzle with that steak? You'll get it-and more-from the slabs of USDA prime beef coming out of the kitchen at Cliffs Steakhouse.

This spud's for you

They're the culinary equivalent of great jeans, a "humble" pleasure that offers instant comfort, goes with almost everything and on occasion can be dressed up to dazzlingly chic effect.

Rock on

Fifteen minutes early for a 7:30 reservation at Rocca, and our table wasn't ready-no problem; we didn't expect it to be. The lovely hostess asked us to take a seat in the drafty foyer right inside the door. Within two minutes, she reappeared. "I moved the tables around so you wouldn't have to wait out here- it's too cold."

Spiced delights

From guacamole to peking duck rolls, dishes prepared at your table somehow seem to elevate the dining experience. Now chaat-Indian snacks usually sold from street-vendor carts-has joined the pantheon of tableside-prep.

Culinary caboose

For a fun twist on a classic summer treat, stop by The Hot Dog Caboose in Midland Park (201-444-2531; - a genuine train caboose parked off Greenwood Avenue.

Bergen's Cover Girl 2010

We invited, they entered, and here they are: the Bergen beauties who won our Second Annual Cover Girl Contest

The ride of a lifetime

Maybe that Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo is a bit out of reach as a permanent fixture in your garage-but thanks to Gotham Dream Cars (212-957-4400,, getting behind the wheel of a coveted car doesn't have to be a mere fantasy.

Summer skin savers

You know all about UVA and UVB rays, but are you doing all you can to protect your skin from summer's dangers? Not if you're like most of us, say local dermatologists. When Bergen Health & Life asked them for tips for summer-proofing your skin, here's what they advised:

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