Adam S. Kimowitz, D.M.D.

Denville Dentist

ONE CONVERSATION with Denville Dentist’s Dr. Adam Kimowitz is all it takes to see the passion that he has for his work and for his patients. His father started their practice 40 years ago, and although they offer general family dental care such as cleanings, fillings and root canal for patients of all ages, Dr. Kimowitz with the help of his father took their practice several steps further as they continue to focus on complex oral rehabilitation, placing and restoring hundreds of implants yearly.

He and his father are driven by a need to help those who have been socially affected by their teeth. “If their teeth are so damaged that they don’t smile, they often have trouble with their personal relationships and are perceived differently than they would like,” he says. Many of the practice’s patients’ teeth have been affected by a variety of diseases, and they are psychologically scarred as a result. “It’s an honor to help such people,” he says. “We look at them as patients, not just mouths. We address their fears and concerns and feel successful once we connect with them, so that they trust us to help them.”

Dr. Kimowitz and his father create not only new smiles and a second chance for their patients, but relationships with them as well. As the treatment becomes more complex, so does the relationship. “I take the trust and responsibility that my patients place in me very seriously and hold myself accountable for the results,” he says. For those who are trapped in a never-ending cycle of root canals and pain, he takes pride in transforming their lives in such a meaningful way. The office is equipped with the latest technology and equipment so that they can achieve the best results: a patient can be outfitted with an entirely new set of teeth in a mere three weeks. “At the end of the day, we want every patient to achieve the outcome they are looking for and be pain-free.”

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