Author: Francesca Moisin

Waiting to exhale

“Breath can definitely be used as a tool to enhance health,” says Victoria Maizes, M.D., executive director of the arizona Center for integrative Medicine, founded by wellness guru andrew weil, M.D. “we now know that by slowing and deepening our breathing we can promote relaxation and affect our physiology in numerous beneficial ways,” she says.

Fashion compassion

Fashion expert and New Brunswick native Lloyd Boston can still recall the most terrifying day of his tv career: "i made over a local New Jersey woman on The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet," says the style guru.

A Cut Above

As a child growing up in surfers Paradise, Australia, Tabatha Coffey spent much of her free time cutting her Barbies' hair into funky coifs and styling the tresses of any friend willing to sit still long enough. She vividly recalls early trips to the beauty parlor with her mom.

Going to Plan B

Orthopaedic surgeon Michael Absatz, M.D., found in his work a dream combination of two loves: mechanics and medicine. “Orthopaedics was the ultimate form of engineering—engineering for the human body,” he says. Then his own body failed him.

A Cut Above

TV hair guru Tabatha Coffey wins Bravos for her hip cuts and her straight-shooting style

The wizard of us

The Wizard of Us; Lisa Oz, wife of TV's famous doctor, steps out of the shadows with a new book on relationships