Author: Maria Lissandrello

Steak around

How about some sizzle with that steak? You'll get it-and more-from the slabs of USDA prime beef coming out of the kitchen at Cliffs Steakhouse.

Spiced delights

From guacamole to peking duck rolls, dishes prepared at your table somehow seem to elevate the dining experience. Now chaat-Indian snacks usually sold from street-vendor carts-has joined the pantheon of tableside-prep.

Rock on

Fifteen minutes early for a 7:30 reservation at Rocca, and our table wasn't ready-no problem; we didn't expect it to be. The lovely hostess asked us to take a seat in the drafty foyer right inside the door. Within two minutes, she reappeared. "I moved the tables around so you wouldn't have to wait out here- it's too cold."