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Joseph P. Cadicina, Angela M. Scafuri, Carly Difrancisco
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From Left to Right: Angela M Scafuri*, Carly DiFrancisco*, Joseph P. Cadicina*, Pasqua S. Cadicina, Nicola Cuccinello. * Chosen to Morris|Essex Top Attorneys

36 Cattano Ave., 6th floor, Morristown, NJ 07960 973.270.9166 |

Cadicina Law, LLC is a divorce and family law firm located in Morristown, that handles all aspects of complex divorce matters. As astute interpreters of New Jersey law and experienced litigators in the courts throughout New Jersey, the firm’s attorneys fearlessly advocate on behalf of their northern New Jersey clients and strive for the best possible results.

Joseph P. Cadicina, a family law veteran for over 25 years leads this team of respected and recognized matrimonial attorneys. Mr. Cadicina is the Morris County Bar Association 2021 Past President and 2019 President of the Morris County Bar Foundation. Angela M. Scafuri has practiced family law for over two decades. Ms. Scafuri serves as the Immediate Past President of the Morris County Bar Association and 2020 President of the Morris County Bar Foundation. Cadicina Law Attorneys have been featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s “Super Lawyers”, “Best Lawyers in America”, and in New Jersey Family Magazine’s “Best Lawyers for Families” and frequently presents at local and national conferences on family law and matrimonial issues.

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