Health & Beauty Top Stories

A Call To Return To Regular Screenings

The pandemic interrupted many health screenings - with serious consequences. A colorectal surgeon at CBMC explains why it's imperative to get back on schedule for these tests and preventive screenings.

Born to Run

After open-heart surgery at CBMC, 60-year-old Brian Scully is back to his active lifestyle. He even ran the New York City marathon just six months post-op.

Improving Diabetes Care

Classes at SBMC’s Center for Diabetes Wellness and Prevention are designed to teach patients how to manage and control Type 2 diabetes.

Healthy Breakfast

Erase sugary cereals from the morning menu and treat the kids - and you - to natural ingredients.

Hooked on Tonic

A refreshing herb can turn this classic cocktail into your next go-to drink.

Total Team Effort


Overcoming the Odds

Thanks to his team at MMC, Len Kiczek is beating prostate cancer - a disease that runs in his family.

Cool As a Cucumber

This summer favorite is a low-calorie, tasty way to stay hydrated as the weather warms.

Exercising Outdoors Beats the Gym By a Mile

Sure, a climate-controlled gym with amazing amenities can be a pleasant place to work out, especially in winter, but science suggests there are powerful advantages to leading an active lifestyle in the great outdoors.

Have a Heart

Monmouth Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus hosted the fourth annual dance-themed American Heart Month event.

Superfoods You Can Grow at Home

What better time than Earth Day, April 22, to enjoy the sun, commune with nature and plant a garden that will end up on your plate?

Sleep, Interrupted

Snoozing spouse sound like Mount Vesuvius? It could signal dangerous—but treatable—sleep apnea.

Off To A Fresh Start

No plans for new Year’s Eve yet? Why not lace up your sneakers and ring in 2017 with a run?