Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

The easiest no-sew Halloween costumes. No ghosts, bums or hippies allowed.
Leia 1

Click on the photo gallery for some of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes you can make at home. They are all no-sew, though you can certainly embellish with needle and thread if you want. If you don't have some already, then I do suggest you go out and buy a roll of black duct tape. It has a million uses!

Whether you are on a budget, feeling lazy or just don't want to repeat costumes during your busy Halloween party schedule, you probably already have most of the items needed to make these last-minute costumes.

10-Minute Halloween Costumes:

Deviled Egg

Fred Flinstone

Princess Leia

Green with Envy



Motel-Room Mattress

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