Find Mi Treasure, Arghhh

Get a taste of Geocaching, a real live treasure hunt, taking place at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ on Saturday, July 16th.
Thompsonbrochure 2

Pirate of the Caribbean fans, this is your chance to get involved and mimic the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow in a real live treasure hunt. However, you’ll be learning the lay of the land not fighting the treacherous open waters. Feel free to bring the crew on this increasingly popular, high-tech treasure hunt, called Geocaching.

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. In this hunt the hunters navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using GPS-enabled devices. Hidden at these locations are containers, called geocaches.

It may differ depending on the hunt you are participating in, but inside geocaches there usually is a logbook or logsheet for you to log your find. Sometimes larger caches can contain a logbook and possibly some other buried treasures. These possessions are what make this quest a true treasure hunt. You never know exactly what you will find in a cache, but if you take something from the container, it is said that, you should leave a treasure of equal or greater value in return.

By participating in this self-led excursion you will embrace the outdoors in a whole new way. Don’t have a GPS unit?  No worries, GPS units and basic instructional packets will be provided. The cost is $15 per group (up to four people) and it takes place at Thompson Park in Lincroft on Saturday, July 16th from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Why not be daring and try something new for a change?


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