BERGEN magazine - Bergen Health & Life April 2012

Garden Contest

Submit photos of your garden for the chance to win two tickets to the Designer Showhouse of New Jersey!

Clean Rug, Clean Indoor Air

Rugs act like an air filter, and clean filters are healthy for the home, but a dirty air filter can be extremely dangerous. Cleaning your rugs can be an indoor air pollution solution.

Flavorful Flowers

Edible blooms such as roses, marigolds and pansies add a dash of color and a special taste to your spring dishes

Art for All

Our art director's photo recap of the affordable art fair in New York City

Mom’s Morning Off

A local kids’ play space plans a fundraiser that will give mothers some time to themselves

Jersey's Cherry Blossom Festival

Did you know that there are more cherry blossom trees in New Jersey than there are in Washington, D.C.? Visit Branch Brook Park for a Mother Nature production- the best show on earth.

Family Magic

An entrepreneur breathes new life into her grandmother's long-dormant toiletries company

Parenthood Redefined

Your child is diagnosed with autism— and suddenly caretaking is very different. An expert offers ways to cope.