BERGEN magazine - Bergen Health & Life February 2011

Mayflower Inn & Spa

Nestled in the New England countryside in the idyllic town of Washington, Conn., lies a place of perfection, The Mayflower Inn and Spa. The luxury hotel offers a serene respite for those looking to get away from it all.

Eco-friendly sipping

If you’re a wine drinker who’s concerned about health and environmental responsibility, there’s good news. These days, vineyards that use earth-friendly, health-promoting agricultural techniques are producing some of the tastiest wines in the world.

Raising the bar

The Bar Method Englewood is a fitness studio that teaches The Bar Method, a workout program that is offered in studios around the country. Owners and Haworth residents Shirley Morris and Carolyn Norden started out as friends who took Bar Method classes together in Summit. Inspired by their results, the women opened the Englewood franchise in February 2010.

Glorious Grapefruit

Tart and tangy in flavor, this citrus fruit has health benefits that are pretty sweet.

Take charge of your well-being

You know it’s vital to stay on top of doctor visits. But optimum health also involves nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

Poor Cat Designs jewelry

A cat showed up on the deck of Joseph Romanowski’s house while the designer was planning his line of handcrafted charms, so the animal lover did everything he could to locate the feline’s owner. No one stepped forward, so Joseph adopted the “poor cat,” named him Felix, and used the kitty’s likeness for his logo.

Tito's Burritos now in Ridgwood

Folks in Summit and Morristown have been lining up for years for a Tito’s Burritos fix, and with Ridgewood now home to the latest Tito’s (201.857.4619,, Bergenites are finally getting a taste of the zippiest south-of-the-border fare, well, north of the border!

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz-aah: Bath bombs

We’re talking bath bombs, those tablets that bubble and fizz in the tub, making you feel as if you’re bathing in champagne! To make your next bath a super-soothing indulgence, why not try whipping up your own tension-taming bath bomb?

Tea time

A calming tea break isn’t just good for your mood, it’s good for your body too. Studies suggest black (not herbal) tea improves blood-vessel function, blocks the absorption of fats and helps lower cholesterol. What’s more, both black and green teas are packed with powerful compounds that protect against cancer.

A fresh start with Karl's Appliance

Karl’s has been a respected name in appliances since 1941, and with its brand-new store on Route 17 in Paramus (888.98.KARLS,, its unparalleled selection and quality customer service have finally come to Bergen County. Even if you’re not in the market for an electronics upgrade, you may want to visit anyway, since the Karl’s shopping experience comes close to being a Disney-caliber attraction. How so?

Environmental drive: Volkswagon Touareg

Love the space, power and handling of an SUV, but hate the environmental impact? Starting now, you can swap your gas guzzler for a 2011 Touareg, Volkswagen’s first hybrid, and because it’s an SUV, you can still hit the road sitting high. How does it spare the environment?

Combat stress

Boost your immune system, improve concentration, enhance creativity and decrease stress by meditating, suggests Kellye Davis, author of The Bliss Principle ( To find your inner bliss, here are Davis’ step-by-step instructions:

Physical therapy meets pilates

“Pilates is a form of exercise originally used for dancers to lengthen the muscles and improve posture,” she says. Now Dunn helps her own patients use basic Pilates moves as a part of the healing process for back injuries. “It’s not stressful on the joints as it stretches the back muscles,” explains Dunn, “and it strengthens abdominal muscles while keeping the spine in a neutral position.”

Going green on the web

“Greening” your home is easier than ever thanks to, a site that lets you outfit everything from your sink to your shower, your windows to your weather stripping, for maximum energy savings. specializes in water- and energy-saving products that keep your home humming—and you comfortable—while sparing the environment (and your bank account)!

Q&A: Ask Your Doctor

Questions from Bergen residents. Answers by Bergen’s leading healthcare professionals.