BERGEN magazine - Bergen Health & Life June 2014

Win It: Summer Soirée

This Months Win It: Count on Fabulous Foods to create a "wow"-worthy event for your next social or corporate soirée, featuring (of course) fabulous food, floral arrangements, rentals and a professional staff for an effortless experience.

Best Shopping

Bike and book shops to pet and paint stores. Here are the best places to satisfy all of your shopping needs.

Best Entertainment 2014

We've counted the votes to bring you your favorite places for nightlife and entertainment, from happy hour to after-hours.

Best Home & Personal Services

From the best interior designers to your favorite dry cleaners, we have all of your top picks in home and personal services.

Best Restaurants 2014

Start with bagels and brunch, end with seafood and steak. Take a look through the best restaurants Bergen has to offer.

Get Your Chicken Here

Why did the chicken cross the road? To become the signature dish at two newly open Bergen restaurants.

Get Outside

Get out... (outside, that is!). From organized bike rides to waterside walks, we make it easy for you to experience the county’s natural wonders close to home with this handy guide.

A Dog's Day

Looking for the best parks for some off-leash exercise? Bergen Country has more than a handful to choose from. Pack a water bowl and your pup's favorite toys and let us know which is your favorite.

Eat What You Love

Really great taste without the guilt. That’s what you’ll get in this trio of satisfying dishes. All take 30 minutes or less to prepare and all use healthy, everyday ingredients—and none of the additional sugar, fat and calories that can derail your diet.

Gin is Back... Hold the Tonic!

American craft distillers are pioneering some delicious variations on the classic botanical spirit. This summer, ditch the tonic, which would overpower the delicate flavors, and add fresh fruit or herbs to your glass.

The Artichoke Adventure

If you’ve neglected artichokes because they look intimidating and you’ve heard they’re complicated, delay no more! Eating this healthy veggie is a ritual that builds to its own delicious climax.

7 Essential Tips for Estate Planning

You can’t take it with you, but with this advice you can control what happens to it. Attorney N. Brian Caverly gives his 7 cents in managing your estate and assets for you and your family.

Harborside Luxury

Nowhere will you feel more at home than in this 28-room gem, your affluent contemporaries’ playground with its majestic old “cottages”. The classic Newport sensibility with an up-to-the-minute expression, combining an indulgent spIrIt with bold 21st-century style.

Don't Suffer From Allergies!

Roughly 50 million Americans are affected by allergies, their number is climbing, and their symptoms are worsening. The problem is on the rise, but effective, doctor recommended, treatments are available.