BERGEN magazine - Bergen Health & Life March 2014

10 Secrets Your Skin Reveals

From Lupis and Diabetes to Shingles and Hodgkins, the epidermis can offer clues to serious illness. Check for these signs and diagnose yourself early.

Salad Days

It’s time to put away the crockpot and set aside the soup and chili recipes: bold, colorful and fresh salads are reborn for Spring.

Crazy For Coconut

Until recently, if you cooked with coconut oil or put coconut milk in your smoothies, you were either a vegan or a paleo-diet follower. Not Anymore. The tropical fruit is finally getting a turn in the spot light

Know Your Food Facts

It's national food month. Think you're up to speed on food, nutrition and health? Take the quiz below and learn more about better everyday eating.

Dietitian's Diary

Eating healthy can be a challenge. Need help getting started? Browse Pollack’s daily food diary for a little inspiration.