BERGEN magazine - Bergen Health & Life October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy: The facts, the aftermath, a photo gallery, how to help and how to prepare for future superstorms

Incredible Thanksgiving Recipes

Favorite Thanksgiving recipes and a day-after-Thanksgiving dish from Chef David Burke and Executive Chef Phil Deffina of David Burke Fromagerie

Grow, Eat, Write

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert shares her love of gardening— and cooking secrets from a surprisingly hip ancestor

Value Vino

A local expert picks satisfying wines for $15 or less

Resourceful Root

Celery root, a tasty treat with a knobby exterior, proves that true beauty comes from within

Focus on Pets

A professional photographer’s tips for taking memorable photos of your furry friend

Funds to Feel Good About

Want to sleep well at night knowing your investments are making money while helping a cause you care about?

Mix and Match

Combining opulent colors and various ethnic styles is one woman’s passion