BERGEN magazine - December 2022

Know Your Breast Cancer Risk

A Valley Hospital oncologist urges women to learn more about their bodies—and families—to guard against this disease.

Your Mind Matters

Mental health affects physical health. You always figured that, but—as a recent women’s wellness event revealed—you didn’t know the half of it.

Hungry For Perfection

Eating disorders were on the rise—then the pandemic made the problem worse. But therapy and family support can help.

Beat 4 Winter Blues

You should know these exposure-related cold-weather dangers — and what to do about them.

A Choreographed Christmas

The Kim family of Harrington Park really gets into the holiday spirit with a festive Christmas dance contest.

Sitting With Santa In River Edge

Who says the kids must have all the fun? These River Edge parents posed with Santa during their town’s tree lighting—and luckily, the pic is pre-teen approved.