BERGEN magazine - September 2017

Sock It To Me

If you ever doubted the difference a pair can make, check out the eight statement makers.

Pearls Of Wisdom

Natural or cultured, white or black, round or baroque, these gems of the sea are gorgeous.

Red-Hot Looks

Though not for the faint of heart, the color of passion is one of the hottest hues for fall.


Whether it’s at a gala or a golf course, Bergenites show support for their friends and neighbors.

Drink Your Greens

Mother always said to eat your veggies, but we’re sure she’d approve if you drink them as well. Sip one of these three cocktails, each packed with natural flavors from the produce aisle.

Go Fish

Sardines well may be one of the most underappreciated foods of the ocean. But perhaps it’s time to shed their humble reputation.

How Does It Feel

Ever wonder what it’s like to stand atop the GWB? Have your wits tested by Jeopardy! or be mocked by Stephen Colbert? Bergenites share their stories, reliving these moments and more.

Where Have You Been?

Bergenites are a well-traveled bunch, so we asked our readers about the amazing trips they’ve taken. Check out your neighbors’ exotic locales, then get packing!

A Chat With

Two scribes with Bergen ties. These wordsmiths put pen to paper, captivating readers with tales as varied as religion and music.

Garden Party

Guess who’s coming to dinner! Ramapo College’s first family breaks bread with celebrity chef Sara Moulton, and she serves up dishes made with ingredients straight from the backyard.

Speaking For Those Who Can't

Thanks to one local woman’s efforts, Bergen residents suffering from aphasia have a place to connect and get the help they need.