Central Jersey Health & Life - April 2014

Let There Be Lightbox!

A new imaging system means much better treatment for some people with peripheral artery disease. Saint Peter's 'Lightbox' offers physicians a clearer picture, allowing for safer and more effective operations.

The Joy of Bok Choy

That mysterious green in your Chinese stir-fry delivers flavor, vitamins and a satisfying crunch.

George Saviano, M.D

"I love mechanically complex things, and the heart-like a watch-is very mechanistic" What made an intricate watch so pricy? George Saviano, M.D., decided to get to the heart of the matter.

Splendor on the Sound

Sleek and contemporary: nostalgic charm meets modern luxury in a Connecticut beachfront resort. Spa treatment, entertainment and all of the technological commodities.

Stay Safe This Spring

After a punishingly harsh winter, spring is—hurrah!—finally upon us. Warmer weather brings dangers, but sensible precautions can help you avoid illness or injury.

Edward Fein, M.D

"If you focus on it and have a plan and carry it out, it does work." When it comes to belief in the benefits of exercise, Edward Fein, M.D isn't just talk. He also "walks to walk."


Did you know one cup of kale provides 206% of your daily vitamin A or that salmon replenishes the lipids in your skin? Eat more of these six foods for your best body, inside and out.

Care That Works

To help you keep well, your doctor must survive in a changing industry. Many physicians now find that teaming up with a hospital can be a big help.

Salad Days

It’s time to put away the crockpot and set aside the soup and chili recipes: bold, colorful and fresh salads are reborn for Spring.

The Mane Event

Tired of your tresses? There’s no better time to make a change than spring, the season of new beginnings. Check out these five hot celeb looks for inspiration. Then head to your favorite local salon.