Central Jersey Health & Life - December 2012

Seal of Approval

Thanks to a dedicated effort, a hospital keeps improving health care according to “core measures”

Battling Cancer

Only the best hospitals are accredited for the "front lines" in this long struggle

Peace on Earth

A desire to get back to basics guided the holiday design of an old house with a modern aesthetic

Stellar Cellar

Create a first-class space for your wine bottles whether you own 10 or 100

Spectrum of Spuds

When it comes to potatoes, plain old white isn’t your only option. These days, you can choose colorful new varieties that make it easier than ever to eat the rainbow.

Focus on Pets

A professional photographer's tips for taking memorable photos of your furry friend.

Mountain High

Snow tubing is just one of the thrills that await at the recently upgraded Mountain Creek Ski Resort

Pearls Aplenty

Make the fashion world your oyster in these enviable and distinctive pieces.