Central Jersey Health & Life - December 2013

Babies on camera

A video system lets parents watch their newborns from anywhere, at any time.

Craft Bourbon

Quench your thirst for something new with artisanal brands.

Civic Benefactors

A generous couple has helped bring about a renaissance in New Brunswick.

Nidhi Kumar, M.D.

This Saint Peter’s University Hospital cardiologist practices what she calls “holistic cardiology” with her patients and in her own life.

Let's Party!

Good friends, good food and a great new house add up to a magical holiday bash.

Gotham Getaway

Have a fresh fling with the world-class city you usually take for granted.

Angela Evans

The Food and Nutrition Services staff plays a vital role at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and the kind and courteous Angela Evans is a key member of that staff.