Central Jersey Health & Life - January 2010

Be sushi-savvy

It’s got to be healthy, right? A little bit of fish, a tiny smattering of rice, all rolled up in some seaweed—what could go wrong? In fact, sushi can be one of the healthiest dining-out options there is, nonfattening yet rich in heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids.

On-the-clock workouts

In a time crunch? Star trainer Jessie Pavelka suggests 10-,20-, 30- and 60-minute routines.

Shake up your exercise routine

Have you fallen into an exercise rut? If so, you may benefit from “surprising” your muscles with a change in your workout routine.

Fad or fact?

These 5 Ballyhooed remedies are all the rage, but do they really live up to their claims?

10 ways to beat headaches

In the Middle Ages, the Arab surgeon and medical writer Albucasis recommended one of two treatments for severe headaches: applying a hot iron to the site of the pain or inserting a piece of garlic into an incision on the temple. Thankfully, today's treatments are a lot easier to take-and a great deal more effective.

7 Fat Beaters

Researchers have discovered that certain foods and drinks actually help your body burn fat more efficiently.

A Cut Above

As a child growing up in surfers Paradise, Australia, Tabatha Coffey spent much of her free time cutting her Barbies' hair into funky coifs and styling the tresses of any friend willing to sit still long enough. She vividly recalls early trips to the beauty parlor with her mom.