Central Jersey Health & Life - July 2010

Stop bullying online

All of the academic and social life lessons can be diminished if your child is struggling with bullies.

Weekly allowance helps kids become responsible with money

Experts encourage parents to give children a weekly allowance and help them decide how much they should spend, save, donate, and invest. This will help them understand not only how much things cost, but also gives them early lessons on financial terminology. Dividing up money also helps your children practice basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, and division.

Time for tempeh?

We understand your reluctance, really we do. Fermented soybeans? Formed into brick-like cakes? With a chunky, chewy texture? With all these strikes against it, why oh why should you give tempeh a chance?

Iberian Escape

If you're familiar with the cuisine in Newark’s famed Ironbound section, you’ll recognize much of the fare at Ria-Mar, a South River satellite of that neighborhood’s Portuguese eateries.

Tired of being tired?

After eight hours in bed, you still dread the morning alarm clock. You’re sleeping long enough, but not well enough, and you’re ready to nod off at quiet moments during the day. If this sounds all too familiar, you may have a sleep disorder.

The power of polenta

This versatile cornmeal treat brings a touch of Italy to many a delicious dish is polenta one of those foods you've heard about but don't really know? Have no fear; it's not mysterious.

Garden glory

“It contains indoor and outdoor pools, a koi pond, a greenhouse and expansive views of an adjacent golf course, but what I enjoy most are the mature plants and trees."

Tiles that beguile

Taken together, these tiny treasures add up to big-time style for walls and floors

5 facts labels don’t tell you

Savvy shoppers know that checking food labels is a key to helping your family eat healthy. The bad news? “They’re incomplete,” says Bruce Silverglade, director of legal affairs for the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Take the hint

Give yourself a good once-over—notice any quirks? Doctors say small imperfections could signal an underlying issue. But which oddities call for professional attention? Experts offer guidance on becoming your own diagnostic sleuth.

5 Food Myths, BUSTED

Think you’re savvy about healthy eating? Well, some of what you “know” about food may be mere folklore. Middlesex Health & Life consulted diet experts about a number of widespread beliefs, and these five turned out to be bogus

Picture of Health

Today, several types of imaging technology help doctors see inside your body to diagnose disease. Here’s a closer look at a few of these.

Stay healthy in the heat

“The temperature's risin',” as the song says, and a glance at the calendar suggests “it isn’t surprisin’.” But too much exposure to summer heat can cause potentially serious medical problems.

Give ‘peaceful’ a chance

A pressure-filled life is about as American as apple pie and Friends reruns—so much so that many of us wear our stress as a badge of honor, accepting the cranky impatience, throbbing headaches and sleepless nights as the price we pay for how in-demand our time is.

Healing humor

When he saw an elderly woman sitting forlornly in the waiting area of the Saint Peter’s University Hospital Emergency Department, Joe Cardone knew just what he had to do. After asking first if the woman minded talking to him, he said: “You seem depressed.”