Central Jersey Health & Life - July 2011

Incredible Caramelized Pears

One of the easiest things to make, these beautiful caramelized pears make a beautiful dessert, appetizer or side dish.

5 Foods' Hidden Powers

Pssst... some items in your pantry have been keeping secrets! These foodstuffs boast surprising benefits.

Swimmer Beware

One of the best weeks of summer is upon us, SHARK WEEK! There is no need to boycott New Jersey beaches, but it doesn't hurt to get informed!

Sweat! It Does a Body Good

The benefits of sweat therapy and local places in New Jersey to try out hot yoga, Russian bathhouses and Korean saunas.

Let's Get Physical, Physical!

It's time to make exercise something you want to do rather than something you have to do. Find your exercise "passion" and what works best for you and your body!

Never Forgotten - Always Remembered

In honor of the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th, Jen Mascali has designed a 'REMEMBER' Bag dedicated to loved ones lost (including her father) in the terrorist attacks.

Fun on the Lawn

Outdoor games like croquet, bocce and badminton are making a major comeback.

Getting Back in the Game

Your bones, joints and ligaments. Today's orthopedic surgeries restore activity faster and with less pain.

Fig Fancy

The ancients were onto something: This delicate fruit packs a nutrient-rich punch.