Central Jersey Health & Life - October 2009

Mangia Verde

It was clear soon after we settled into our seats at Del Posto that we were in for a memorable experience.

Pregnancy ‘rules’: fact or fiction

What's a mom-to-be to do? Myths abound about what’s safe and what’s unsafe when you’re pregnant, and yesterday’s conventional wisdom is sometimes debunked by today’s science.

Pinpointing cancer cells

Its name sounds like a science-fiction movie, but it’s real. One of the latest weapons in the battle against cancer, the CyberKnife combines sci-fi–like radiation technology with computer-guided imagery to destroy tumors without surgery.

4 ways to eat greener

From a climate change perspective, focusing on regional and seasonal produce packs a bigger punch than organics, because the latter can travel great distances to get to you. Still, organic produce has environmental benefits

My week of green living

I'm green ... At going green, that is. That's not to say I'm eco-oblivious. After all, I don't drive an SUV. I buy only cage-free eggs. I turn off lights when I leave a room.

The right place for same-day procedures

These days, an ever-growing number of operations are performed on a same-day basis, with no overnight hospital stay. And many Americans are choosing to have these procedures not in hospitals, but in outpatient facilities known as ambulatory surgery centers, or ASCs.

Sky's the limit

Sometimes, when our dream at last comes knocking, we have to ask questions and make sure it's practical.

Stop schoolyard bullying

Don't think of bullying as a benign, "boys will be boys" situation. Bullies come in both sexes, and there's nothing harmless about true bullying. The regular targeting of a youngster for abuse is a form of emotional violence that can have serious consequences. Fortunately, parents can take some concrete steps to help children deal with bullying: