Central Jersey Health & Life - October 2010

Rutgers Wrestling Golf Outing 2010

At Rutgers University golf course in Piscataway, Rutgers held its annual golf outing. Proceeds directly benefit the Rutgers Wrestling program.

The Buzz at St. Peter's: October

Saint Peter's University Hospital's Residency Program for Obstetrics graduation ceremony; New Gift Shop on Park; Wound Care Center wins an award.

What's normal fetal growth?

If you're a mom-to-be, research on "What's normal for fetal growth?" for different ethnic groups may help you get better care.

The state's most popular birthplace

More babies are born at Saint Peter's than at any other hospital in the state—and no wonder. Saint Peter’s University Hospital is the largest provider of maternity services in New Jersey, with about 6,000 deliveries a year.

Attention: help for children with ADHD

ADHD usually shows itself in the preschool or early school years, and it’s marked by hyperactivity, a poor attention span and impulsive behavior. If your child has these problems on a continuing basis (more than just the “back-to-school” fidgets), a visit with your pediatrician may be in order.

Paradise, twice

2 jaunts to refresh body, mind and spirit: The blissful beaches of Grand Cayman and Colorado's rugged vistas

Keep your heart hearty

Want to cut your risk of coronary disease? Here's a host of smart favors you can do for your ticker.

Great health from A to Z

"A is for apple" begins many kids' books, while a popular saying credits daily use of this A-fruit with “keeping the doctor away.” but what if all 26 letters climbed aboard the bandwagon of good health?

Pod Squad

Foodies aplenty have declared their love for edamame, an increasingly popular bean that packs a hefty nutritional punch.

Waiting to exhale

“Breath can definitely be used as a tool to enhance health,” says Victoria Maizes, M.D., executive director of the arizona Center for integrative Medicine, founded by wellness guru Andrew Weil, M.D. “we now know that by slowing and deepening our breathing we can promote relaxation and affect our physiology in numerous beneficial ways,” she says.

Your fat-and how to find it

Ever look at the scale and reason, "maybe I'm just big boned? The truth is, weight by itself is an imperfect measure of what shape you’re in. to truly gauge your health risks, you need to know your body fat.

Beyond the Sea

Due Mari, an Italian restaurant with an emphasis on seafood, boasts friendly service and fresh dishes.