Central Jersey Health & Life - September 2013

Sanjiv Patankar, M.D.

“Most of the time we worry about the future—or mourn the past. joy comes from being present in the moment.” — Sanjiv Patankar, M.D.

History in the Hills

Just a short drive away, the Bear Mountain Inn blends a touch of luxury with lots of character.

Pack Healthy

5 back-to-school tips for making kids’ mid-day nutrition a success story

All Hail Kale

This distinctive, good-for-you veggie is ready for its close-up!

Neuro Sleuths

Putting together clues that resemble puzzle pieces, five specialists take the anxiety out of treatment for nervous-system disorders.

Special Delivery

How the lives of a mother and her infant were saved by quick action, cool heads—and blood.

Two Faiths, One Mission

A Jewish residential facility partners with a Catholic hospital to provide for sick people and their families.

A Day at the Lake

No, not for fishing or swimming, but for viewing beautiful vintage vessels that evoke a bygone era.

Ramzan Zakir, M.D.

“Medicine was my father’s dream for me, and I always had a deep interest in science.” — Ramzan Zakir, M.D.

Pumpkin Power

Why should your porch have all the fun? This iconic squash also has great potential for indoor décor!