Monmouth Health & Life - August 2014

The Betsy

On Ocean Drive in South Beach, a strip known worldwide for its concentration of art deco hotels, The Betsy stands out as a different kind of grande dame.

Cheers for Cherries

The cherry's got it all: handy size, pert round shape, ruby-red hue and a flavor so beloved it’s borrowed by everything from cola to cough drops. Not to mention health benefits galore.

Gin is Back... Hold the Tonic!

American craft distillers are pioneering some delicious variations on the classic botanical spirit. This summer, ditch the tonic, which would overpower the delicate flavors, and add fresh fruit or herbs to your glass.

Time to Cleanse?

These days, all the cool, gorgeous girls are doing dietary cleanses. Should you?

Peter Max: The Man Behind The Icon

Peter Max has painted six US presidents, music idols, a World's Fair mural and a super jet. Here, the artist talks about his craft, his recipe for a balanced life and what he can't live without.