Monmouth Health & Life - June 2017

Get Outside

Monmouth County has no shortage of scenic destinations for hiking, fishing, boating and more—so what are you waiting for? The great outdoors beckons.

Neck and Neck

You'll be a winner in any one of these eye-catching necklaces.

It's About Time

..that you add one of these tasteful timekeepers to your space.

It's Tee Time

We can't promise these clothes and accessories will improve your guy's golf game, but Peter Millar does have everything he needs to look polished.

Morning Glory

Make the most of your midday meal with a stunning brunch outfit. Mimosa, anyone?

Sake to Me

Add a splash of citrus to Japanese rice wine to create an idea cocktail for the eve of summer.

Tropical Treat

Snack on Vitamin-C packed pineapple and you'll feel like you're on vacation-and reap health benefits too.

All-American Flavor

Spice up your fourth of July picnic with spirited decorations and a new, patriotic spin on four cookout classics.

Let's Go Dutch

Turn off that phone and enjoy some rustic sights and tempting tastes of Pennsylvania dutch county, surprisingly close to home.

Get Outside: Fishing in Monmouth County

What could be better for a day of outdoor relaxation than a fishing expedition? Happily, the county offers many promising spots to cast off. Here’s a sampling.

Get Outside: Boating in Monmouth County

Whether you’d like to paddle out in a kayak or you’re looking to spend the day on a yacht, there are plenty of opportunities to set sail in Monmouth County. Here are a few nearby locations where you can charter a boat or launch a kayak.

Leader of the Pack

Patients find the most advanced radiation treatment at the Leon Hess Cancer Center.

A Joint Account

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, a 70-year old woman returns to a pain-free lifestyle after total hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Mom Deserves the Best

New facility at Monmouth Medical Center is first in state dedicated to comprehensive perinatal care.