Monmouth Health & Life - October 2016

Dolomite Dilemma

From a base in Cortina, your main challenges are which cable car to hop and which gourmet restaurant to choose for dinner.

To Your Health!

Here's a fun way to sneak more fruits and veggies into your diet-whip up one of these delicious, dessert-like smoothies. You won't know it's good for you.

Cool Tropical Fruit

Half of the world loves nutritious guava. It just doesn't happen to be our half-yet.

Tools of the Trade

Local chefs dish on their go-to kitchen essentials—here’s what you need to cook like a pro.

Hot Plates

We put four area chefs in the hot seat, asking each “what is your favorite dish to prepare?” They graciously shared their secrets, allowing you to serve up these meals at home.

Where Chefs Shop

Eight local chefs share their favorite ingredients—and their sources.

Make It a Double

Looking for a tasty cocktail with an energy kick? We've got one for you. Sip an espresso martini the next time you want to liven up your happy hour.

A Fresh Start

You’d think twice about using older, brown lettuce in a salad at home, so why wouldn’t you expect freshness when you dine out?

Fall into Fashion

Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean the season for fashion has gone with it.

Barrels of Fun (And Wine)

Those of us who loved Lucille Ball know how much fun winemaking can be—now you can get in on the action and it won’t even require a flight to Napa Valley.