Morris/Essex Health & Life - April 2019

Be There

April + May NOT DONE needs to be checked

3 Hot Design Spots

Visit these cities and you’ll leave full of artistic ideas for architecture, home décor and more.

Lakefront Living

This property on the water in Franklin Lakes turned out to be perfect—it just needed a brand new house.

Welcome to Montclair

This Essex County gem is known for its innumerable shops and restaurants, vibrant arts community and diverse, growing population.

Fast Action Saves a Life

She wasn't a classic heart-attack candidate, but fortunately, when symptoms struck, she didn't delay.

Getting Better Gets Easier

Satellite Rehabilitation Centers (SBMC) offers patients the specialized care they need to resume an active life after surgery, injury or illness.

House Warming

A Verona designer adorns a mansion with elements of style that reflect the homeowner' personality and heritage.