Morris/Essex Health & Life - June 2023

Mandelbaum Barrett PC

Arthur D. Grossman, Raj Gadhok, Damian P. Conforti, Arla D. Cahill, Richard I. Miller, David S. Carton, Gordon C. Duus, Douglas I. Eilender

Next-Level Cardiac Care

The Aortic Center at CBMC is a one-stop-shop for patients with complex aortic diseases and acute aortic emergencies.

Protection From Pickleball

Serious injuries resulting from this up-and-coming sport aren’t too common. Still, an orthopedic surgeon from Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center shares his tips on typical pickleball-related injuries and how to prevent them.

No Wait Emergency Room

The newly renovated Emergency Department at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center ensures top-notch patient care that’s more efficient than ever before.