Morris/Essex Health & Life - Morris Health & Life June 2014

Love At First Bite

To dine in Spain's capital is to dive into a wonderland of foods and flavors. You need to visit its wonderfully civilized capital. And if you’re smart, you’ll arrive hungry: your favorite Madrid Meal may be in a place you discover for yourself.

Back In Business

“I turned,” says BrIan Ganton Jr., “and immediately knew I shouldn’t have.” When pain relievers, steroids and narcotics didn't work, the 51-year old turned to a neurosurgeon to repair his slipped disk.

Thinking Long-Term

Most people find it difficult to imagine themselves someday needing long-term care. But it’s a fact that as modern medicine helps us live longer, more and more of us reach a stage when daily help becomes a necessity. Insurance you buy today could make your life easier in years to come.

Migraines: Myths Vs. Facts

We’ve all heard about migraine headaches, but is everything we’ve heard on the level? June is National Migraine Awareness Month; test your knowledge with this quiz

Peter Max: The Man Behind The Icon

Ever since his 1965 cover photo for LIFE magazine, Peter Max has painted six US presidents, music idols, a World's Fair mural and a super jet. Here, the artist talks about his craft, his recipe for a balanced life and what he can't live without.

The Power of Comfort

"The objects, color and materials around us actually have a physical effect on us and how we feel." Thanks to the initiative of a former patient and her friend, cancer care will soon take place in a soothing new space.

Keep Your Balance!

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” calls the voice in the classic tv commercial. Most of us have seen it, and maybe we’ve even made fun of it. But the fact is, falls will become not a laughing matter but a serious threat to our mobility and independence.

His Brother's Keeper

The Saint Barnabas Living Donor Institute is designed to promote living donation with minimally invasive surgery and better communication among donor registries, allowing David Darby to donate his kidney to a stranger so that his brother could get one too.

Fulfilling A Vision

Thanks to Leon and Toby Cooperman and their historical gift, The Cooperman Family Pavilion will soon be built with Saint Barnabas Medical Center's largest donation ever.

The Lure of Lucuma

Yearning for a delicious but natural sweet fix? Discover the lucuma, an exotic subtropical fruit native to the cool highlands of Peru and learn how to incorporate its smooth, citrusy flavors into your kitchen.

8 Great Wines Under $25

Expert picks that prove you needn't be a big spender to make a big impression. Our oenologist-in-chief selects eight - and wallet friendly - wines.


Montclair’s newest restaurant is set to open its doors.