Morris/Essex Health & Life - Morris Health & Life October 2013

Medicine With Passion

Where does the inspiration to become a doctor stem from? Personal experiences put this clinician on a path to her destiny as a pediatric neurologist

A Day at the Lake

No, not for fishing or swimming, but for viewing beautiful vintage vessels that evoke a bygone era.

Saving a baby

Devoted care and smart decisions help a premature infant survive—and thrive.

Miracle Mom

Having a baby already seemed a highly improbable dream. Then breast cancer struck.

Pumpkin Power

Why should your porch have all the fun? This iconic squash also has great potential for indoor décor!

A Private Affair

Treat yourself and 7 friends to a 5-course Dinner in a beautiful, historic setting!

All Hail Kale

This distinctive, good-for-you veggie is ready for its close-up!

History in the Hills

Just a short drive away, the Bear Mountain Inn blends a touch of luxury with lots of character.