Mother and Daughter Makeover Results

It's the moment you've been waiting for! After five months of fitness training, nutrition advice and cosmetic treatments, we present the "new and improved" Kara Caulfield and Janice Nebus

When we first met Janice Nebus and Kara Caulfield, the winners of our fi rst Mother/Daughter Makeover Challenge contest, we were moved by their close relationship and their enthusiasm for creating a healthier, happier lifestyle. Last spring, Janice told us she had put less emphasis on her appearance and health since her husband passed away 15 years ago, and Kara was a new mother who wanted to lose her remaining “baby weight” and get back into shape.

Over the next five months, the pair worked closely with our group of talented and knowledgeable advisers, including a fitness trainer and personal nutritionist, a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist, a hypnotist, an aesthetician, hair and makeup stylists and fashion and jewelry experts. “It was like we won the lottery!” says Kara. The ladies spent each week at Atlantis Sports Club & Spa conquering everything from Pilates and yoga classes to kickboxing and strength training. “Both women embraced the challenge of getting physically fit,” says their trainer, Beth Wieczerzak. “They took my nutrition advice and training suggestions and applied them—and the scale proves it!” This dedication to their goals resonated throughout each step of the process.

Plastic surgeon Farhad Rafizadeh, M.D., F.A.C.S., described the women as “pleasant, level-headed and reasonable people with whom I connected immediately.” They also had extensive dental treatments at The Silverstrom Group to straighten and whiten their smiles. “In just two visits, Janice looked ten years younger, and her enhanced appearance complemented her outgoing, warm personality,” says David Silverstrom, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. “Now she smiles at every opportunity.” Kara was treated with Invisalign to fix her crooked teeth without metal braces. “In addition to the aesthetic enhancement, the gums and bone support will benefit because she will have an improved ability to clean the teeth.”

Being beautiful is about not only what appears on the outside, but also how proactive you are in caring for your body. Therefore, Montclair Breast Center provided mammograms to both Kara and Janice and offered information on breast cancer prevention and screening. Of course, a makeover wouldn’t be complete without a psychological component to produce mind–body results. Therefore, we sent Kara and Janice to meet with Kathy Lindert, a hypnotist in Caldwell, who helped them work through emotional issues that may have been preventing them from reaching their potential. “Kathy taught us to communicate more and be more aware. We would leave her feeling empowered,” says Kara. Once all their hard work was complete, the ladies received the finishing touch: a new look courtesy of our hair/makeup team and fashion/accessories experts for a glamorous photo shoot. “Getting to know these beautiful women was such an inspiring journey,” says Alyssa Messina, a stylist at Dieci Lifestyle Spa. “We hope they continue to embrace change, beauty and wellness for years to come.”

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