Russell Sandman, D.M.D., M.S.

Bergen Orthodontics
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WHEN DR. RUSSELL M. SANDMAN speaks with passion about orthodontics and serving his patient population, you immediately know you are in very skilled hands. Bergen Orthodontics, Dr. Sandman’s practice, is an institution that has served the community for over four decades. As the current owner of the practice, Dr. Sandman embraces its history and reputation for the highest quality care. His distinct vision for his patients combines a compassionate and rigorously trained staff, proven technology and, above all, attention to detail.

“Having braces myself definitely had a positive impact on my adolescent development and more than anything else, I wanted to give that same experience to others. I gained the personal self-confidence needed to go on to dental school and achieve my ambitions to become a doctor,” says board-certified Dr. Sandman. “I am most proud of the consistency we have as a practice to deliver beautiful results.”

Dr. Sandman focuses on smile aesthetics and progressive concepts in orthodontics. He carefully evaluates the mouth and consults with each patient and their parents to help them make the most educated decision about what type of orthodontic treatment will achieve the best results. With so many options, Dr. Sandman understands that today’s choices can be complicated, leading him to carefully outline treatment plans for his patients that integrate the most highly-regarded and in-demand appliances, devices and advanced materials.

The talented, cohesive team at Bergen Orthodontics believes in old-fashioned personalized service and is committed to making every patient comfortable. “I have the absolute best staff who want nothing more than to make our patient’s lives better,” adds Dr. Sandman. In an effort to carry out his personal policy to ensure that anyone who needs braces is given that care, the practice works with the non-profit Donated Orthodontics Services and Jewish Family Services.

Dr. Sandman was awarded a Dean’s Merit Scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and received a Master of Science degree in orthodontics at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery.

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