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WELLS, JAWORSKI & LIEBMAN, LLP is a sophisticated, Paramus-based law firm with substantial expertise in the specialties of land use, business, corporate and commercial law, litigation, real estate and tax, trusts and estate planning. The firm proudly acknowledges the accomplishments of managing partner, Stuart D. Liebman, but it is the collaborative effort of all the firm’s attorneys whose combined talents bring decades of experience.

When asked about his recognition, Liebman stated, “I have been a Bergen County resident all of my life, with the exception of my time away in Maryland and Massachusetts for school, so I find extra joy in my land use and real estate development work in Bergen, and in being recognized for what I do by my Bergen peers. It is nice to drive through the County and see the work product that my firm has a hand in producing, rising up out of the ground. Whether the project is a shopping center, hotel, office building, medical facility, restaurant or homes, we consider all of these to be responsible development which all Bergen County residents can use and enjoy, and which we are proud of. “

In light of Liebman’ s Top Lawyer recognition, partner, Mark S. Balian, Esq., MBA, LL.M., stated, “In following the golden rules of service—listening, caring and good, responsive communication—we ensure that our clients understand the legal process and that their objectives are met, serving as a testament to our managing partner’s leadership.”

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