The Face of a Growth Mindset Education

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TRANSFORMING THE WORLD through education is more than a mission statement at the Academy of the Holy Angels. Altruistic Angels have established ties with Puerto Rico to provide on-site assistance, and funded training for three teachers working on Haiti’s Lagonav Island. AHA students are inspired by the Academy’s rigorous STREAM curriculum (STEM plus religion and art), which is enhanced by growth mindset education. 

Growth mindset encourages individuals to view obstacles as opportunities, break through momentary setbacks, and become fearless learners. This year, an Angel who brings life-saving vaccines to the Philippines was New Jersey’s top high school volunteer! A stellar thespian earned the prestigious Metro Award, a select group traveled to Oxford for a bespoke course in critical thinking, two artists became national medalists in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition, and a tech-minded trio demonstrated their robotics and physics projects at STREAM 3.0, the National Catholic Educational Association’s conference. 

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