The Face of Best-in-Class Country Club Experience


THE NEW OWNERS OF THE EDGEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB in River Vale, New Jersey, decided to reinvent the Edgewood experience from the ground up, rather than simply continue the Club’s operations as usual. As a result, the “new” Edgewood is an innovative blend of convenience, value and refinement, offering delightful experiences that enhance the lives of its Members. Daniel Somogyi, General Manager, points to a breathtakingly well-appointed Clubhouse as just the first of many other planned enhancements. “Our new ownership recognized Edgewood’s potential to be a best-in-class, family-forward Club lifestyle,” he says. “As we continue evolving the Club and creating new amenities, services and features, our membership experiences will naturally evolve to surpass expectations.” This positive momentum has likewise created genuine enthusiasm in the community, heightening interest in a private club experience that’s at once welcoming, authentic, modern and exceptional. Come see where memberships become friendships.

449 Rivervale Rd., River Vale, NJ 07675  |  201.666.1200  |

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