The Face of Cosmetic Procedures: H. William Song, M.D.

Omni Aesthetics
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H. William Song, M.D.
Omni Aesthetics

169 Ramapo Valley Rd., Suite LL104
Oakland, NJ 07436

“Before I became a doctor, my dream was to be an artist. Aesthetic medicine allows me to be both. My passion for art makes me a bit of a perfectionist while my love of technology compels me to master all the coolest lasers and newest cosmetic procedures. While I do offer the typical treatments like Botox and fillers, what really differentiates my work are the services that proclaim my inner artist. High definition body sculpting and stem cell enhanced fat transfers (SCEFI) are my forte. Incidentally, all our procedures are minimally invasive, same day treatments and do not require long recovery times or general anesthesia. Let us show you around our spa and discuss our skincare services and antiaging technology. At Omni Aesthetics, you’ll not only age gracefully, but age backwards.”

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