The Face of Distinguished Interiors: Heidi Wostbrock

Heidi Wostbrock, Owner

WOSTBROCK HOME’S RETAIL STORE and design studio brings a universe of design to Bergen. “We have access to every type of furniture and accessory worldwide, and clients love our comprehensive design library,” says Krista Wostbrock, interior designer and head of KW Design, a full-service interior design division of Wostbrock Home. Wostbrock Home’s in-house design team also provides full-service design. Krista, the fourth generation of Wostbrock Home, grew up with design as her parents, Heidi and Steve Wostbrock, developed the company’s reputation for distinguished residential and commercial interiors and excellent client relations. Its To the Trade Program welcomes designers to buy and use Wostbrock Home’s resources. Today, Heidi manages the showroom and design team while Steve spearheads floor refinishing services.Together, Wostbrock Home delivers generations of design experience to your door.

Wostbrock Home

225 Goffle Rd, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, 201.445.0807

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