The Face of Excellence in Dentistry: Michael T. Varallo

Michael T. Varallo, D.M.D

WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES at HoHoKus Dental is why this award-winning office is among the most technologically advanced dental practices in Bergen County. “I’m most proud of the patient-centric formula that we have created,” says Dr. Varallo. “My mission is always preventative, not just for teeth but for a patient’s overall health.” Everyone receives a high level of personal attention and a review of their medical history, including sleep issues, so patients can make the best choices for a healthier life. “Lack of sleep is an epidemic in the U.S.,” adds Dr. Varallo. “Dentists are now at the forefront of sleep solutions.” HoHoKus Dental works with physicians to help diagnose and alleviate sleep disorders. Dr. Varallo adds, “There’s never been a better time to be a dentist.”

Hohokus Dental
625 North Maple Ave., HoHoKus, NJ 07423 | 201.670.9076

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