The Face of Fine Jewelry: Nancy Schuring

Devon Fine Jewelry

AT DEVON FINE JEWELRY, cases of unusual gemstone jewelry in intense hues of tanzanite, blue zircon, tourmaline and green garnet sparkle and shine. The newest addition to this collection of brilliance is Paraiba tourmaline, one of the rarest and most unique gems in the world. Originally discovered in Brazil, this distinctive treasure now comes all the way from Mozambique to masterful gemologist Nancy Schuring, Devon’s owner.

Devon diamond engagement rings are a cut above in quality and style, expertly created in an array of mountings and custom designs to represent everlasting love. Moved by the gentle people after a gemhunting trip to Africa, Nancy expanded the Devon story by creating The Devon Foundation awarding gem cutting scholarships to students, the source of many of the stones on display at Devon. The Foundation was honored by the Tanzanian government for providing 10,000 school lunches a month, encouraging children to come to school and learn.

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