The Face of Fitness: Koko FitClub

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Koko FitClub

319 Franklin Ave., Boulder Run Shopping Center
Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Koko FitClub—Many of us are less than thrilled with our physique and even less enthusiastic about big-box gyms where the motto of “figure it out on your own” or “kill yourself with cardio” often leads to mediocre or painful results. Brian Curcura certainly felt this way until he first experienced Koko FitClub. Koko’s one-to-one personal coaching and patented technology help members build lean muscle, lose body fat and increase strength while digitally guiding, tracking and analyzing your workouts and progress. Koko’s certified fitness professionals help members define personalized coaching plans and a Koko Key digitally tracks each member’s progress via patented 30 minute strength and 15 minute cardio workouts. Koko’s quality versus quantity approach translates into exceptional results with less time in the gym. Brian was so impressed with this innovative approach to fitness, he brought it to Wyckoff. Now Bergen County has an innovative, effective alternative to the mainstream gym, and it’s only a click away!

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