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Thomas Theocharides, M.D. | Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness
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VAGINAL DRYNESS, PAIN WITH INTIMACY, BLADDER CONTROL ISSUES, EVEN DECREASED LIBIDO—Dr. Thomas Theocharides, as a practicing OB/GYN for over three decades, has helped thousands of women live fuller, more satisfying lives. “It is exciting to offer treatments that address these very issues, without drugs or surgery, to build confidence and improve women’s lives,” reports Dr. T (as his patients refer to him). “And many with zero downtime.”

Dr. T. recently changed the name of his cosmetic practice from Beginnings Aesthetic & Laser to Beginnings Aesthetic & Wellness. Through his personal journey, Dr. T came to realize that as much as the practice’s aesthetic services help clients look their best, making healthy choices every day—from whole foods to adequate hydration and exercise—are the keys to living a longer, fuller and more vibrant life. Come and learn how to look and feel your best, inside and out!

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