The Face of Jewelry Design: Tony Goltsch

The Golden Goose Fine Jewelers
Fs1 1904

Tony Goltsch
The Golden Goose Fine Jewelers​
7 West River Rd.
Rumson, NJ 07760

Imagine a twenty-something year old guy reading women’s fashion magazines while his buddies watched the games on television. That’s the kind of dedication it took one young man to learn the fashion business so he could excel at his first jewelry store job. In spite of all the jabs about a coffee table full of women’s magazines, and a customer who joked with him about being the “Doogie Howser of the jewelry industry,” Tony Goltsch, owner of The Golden Goose Fine Jewelers, was committed to making his mark in what he found to be a fun, happy business. He has arrived with his own Rumson store which opened three years ago. Now at thirty-something, Tony is a well-loved fixture in the community. He makes it a point to keep the old-fashioned beauty of this business in tact by cultivating relationships with generations of customers who proudly call him their family jeweler.

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