The Face of Natural Birth

Clara P. Surowitz, MD, FACOG | Tru Birth Center
16 Natural Birth



Dr. Clara P. Surowitz, one of the area’s most trusted OB/GYN’s, realized her dream earlier this year by opening Tru Birth Center. A strong proponent of natural birthing techniques, Dr. Surowitz and her incredible team of Certified Nurse Midwives give women who believe in the natural birth experience the personalized care and unique birthing journey they desire and deserve.

The Center’s ideology evolved from what is one of the most natural phenomenons on earth—giving birth. Tru’s “mother first philosophy” offers the full range of midwifery care to support family choices in pregnancy and birth. Most healthy women do not need medical intervention to give birth and the result is a greatly reduced incidence of C-section births and episiotomies for moms and a less stressful experience for the baby. Dr. Surowitz’s dedication to natural birthing is reflected in her 2% C-section rate in comparison to the 30% state average. The biggest birth choice Tru offers families is the location of the birth, which the Tru team can perform in either their beautiful birth center, or at the world-class Monmouth Medical Center.

Through Trust, Respect and Understanding—discover how Tru’s care team optimizes birth outcomes by combining the latest medical advances with a human touch for a safe, personal and empowered birthing experience.

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