The Face of Plastic Surgery


THE “MOMMY MAKEOVER” is one of Dr. Scott Spiro’s most successful cosmetic procedures. Dr. Spiro takes the time to listen to each patient before recommending a fully customized “Mommy Makeover” to his patient. He knows that many women prefer a non-implant technique to restore their breasts to a more youthful appearance. If this approach is a treatment option, Dr. Spiro follows a creative auto-augmentation technique, using self-enhancement, for breast-lifting.

Dr. Spiro provides additional creative procedures for tummy tucks, including those that could include correction of circumferential skin and abdominal wall issues such as diastasis and hernia conditions.

For more than twenty-three years, Dr. Spiro has been committed to treating his patients with great attention to individual needs and concerns. Testimonials are frequent and common from Dr. Spiro’s patients, many of whom represent locations around the country, as well as those who seek his expertise from abroad.

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