The Face of Senior Living: Brenda J. Bacon

Brenda J. Bacon, President & CEO of Brandywine

THERE COMES A TIME WHEN AGING LOVED ONES may benefit from supported living. With passion and quality care, Brandywine Living makes it possible for residents to maintain an elegant, gracious lifestyle while preserving their independence. Meeting a resident’s every need—culinary, housekeeping and chauffeur services—the burdens of home ownership, trips to the grocery store or doctor and preparing daily meals are alleviated. Loneliness and often silence are traded for friendship and compassion, with the security of a licensed nurse and care managers down that hall 24/7.

Above all, we realize that people at any age need joy in their lives. Our Escapades…for Life program is just that—a chance to have fun and adventure. A trip to the beach, karaoke, card games or art, you’ll learn and laugh. Brandywine brings happiness and peace of mind to those we cherish most.

369 East Mount Pleasant Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039
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