The Face of Spinal Surgery: James J. Hale

James J. Hale, M.D.

DR. JAMES J. HALE became interested in spinal surgery as a resident in orthopedic surgery when he worked at a trauma hospital on traumatic spinal injuries. “I saw how surgery can truly impacts one’s life and future,” he said, “I also understand how nervous someone can be when they are concerned that they may need spine surgery.” He’s also a competitive athlete compassionate about the need for athletes of all levels to return to their former levels of activity. As a specialist in minimally invasive surgical techniques for simple and complex spinal disorders and injuries, Dr. Hale uses imagery to help patients understand why they’re having pain and how it can be improved. Known for his conservative approach, he often uses therapy, injections, or exercise to help alleviate pain before even considering surgery. 

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