The Face of Surgical Alternatives to Pain Relief: Total Health/Peak Medical – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centers

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Total Health/Peak Medical - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centers

TOTAL HEALTH AND PEAK MEDICAL are centered on a comprehensive team approach to physical medicine and rehabilitation using nonsurgical treatments for pain. An exceptional group of nine physicians and a long list of physical therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists and acupuncturists work together to create personalized treatment solutions for pain relief and management and a path to comfort and wellness. Rooted in traditional healing methods, enhanced by a progressive approach to pain relief, patients receive the very best treatment for pain at its source to support the return to regular activities and to the things they love best. The practice also provides cosmetic services including Botox/Dysport, Cosmetic PRP and CoolSculpting, as well as surgical alternatives and homeopathic methods such as Neurolumen to reverse nerve damage, decompression therapy for regenerative disc problems and viscosupplementation injections for relief of knee arthritis. 

171 Ridgedale Ave., Suite A, Florham Park, NJ 07932
973.377.6327 • 492 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

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